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13791Re: [z_scale] A Used Set #8871-Ice Train And I Need Help

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  • dpstripe@aol.com
    Apr 3, 2003
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      In a message dated 4/3/03 1:51:29 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      z@... writes:

      > Hello,
      > Your experience is certainly not typical of eBay, at least from my
      > experience. I'd suggest leaving appropriate feedback for this seller, and
      > possibly filing a claim with PayPal (or whatever payment service you used).

      On a technical note. By all means, go with the 5-pole motor as
      suggested. But before installing it, make sure the drive gear turns freely
      and is not frozen up or bound anywhere. Just a couple of seconds of a DC
      motor not turning under power can destroy the brushes, the motor, and even
      the controller. No sense in trashing a new motor if the drive gear is bound.
      I would have to agree, this is not typical of eBay. I have made over a
      hundred Z purchases, and have none that I have been truly unhappy with.
      (there have been a few disappointments due to manufacturing quality on new
      items, but never the seller). Don't let this experience prevent you from
      finding some real Z-scale bargains or rarieties. If you've never purchased
      from a seller before, check his/her feedback. Read item descriptions
      carefully. Many sellers will plainly state that they have no way to test
      locomotives, so they do not know if they run. Others flat out state "does not
      run", some just say that they know "nothing about trains". Don't bid the farm
      away on these items, unless the seller agrees up front to let you return it
      if you're not happy. But don't let them scare you off, either. I've gotten
      some of my best deals on "does not run" auctions. In most cases a good
      cleaning has done the trick, on a couple, it was just brushes. On that type
      of auction, depending on the engine, the most I bid is $40. But usually $20
      or less. So, I am never disappointed. I do a lot of kitbashing with
      locomotives, so I base everything on what a shell and tender or diesel trucks
      would cost me. Most of the z scale sellers are quite reputable, though. But,
      like everything else, there's always exceptions.
      Best wishes and best of luck.
      Dan S.

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