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12759Washington, DC Z-Bend Track Get-together

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  • Robert Allbritton
    Feb 2, 2003
      Howdy folks,

      Before the weekend ends, I just wanted to send a big Thank You to everyone
      who made it out to the Northern Virginia countryside over the weekend. It
      was a blast seeing so many local Z scale guys in one place! (I think we had
      about 15 folks over the course of the day) It was great just talking trains
      in a smaller setting - a special thanks to Bob Olson who made the trek down
      from PennZee land. After talking to Randy Smidt a the end of the day, we
      decided that we may try to get together about every 2nd or 3rd month - how
      does that work for you guys?

      For those of you Mid-Atlantic folks on the z_scale list, come on out and
      join us next time!


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      Subject: Washington, DC Z-Bend Track Get-together Feb.1 - details

      OK everyone, here are the details:

      We are going to get together this Saturday, Feb 1st in Upperville, VA (home
      of Rob Allbritton's fabulous Gotthard Line modules).

      We will meet at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Upperville, VA on Route 50
      at Delaplane Grade Rd at 10:00am. After we meet in the parking lot here, we
      will caravan over to the farm where the trains are.

      Bring your trains, modules, video tapes, cameras, stories, ideas, questions,
      whatever. We'll be there 'til we feel like going home (or the wives call).

      See You Soon,
      Randy Smidt
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