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12729Moin Moin :-))

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  • Uwe Liermann
    Feb 1, 2003
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      Hello z-scale friends,

      ...or for a better understanding:

      Good morning :-))

      I'm in process to plan our (actually it was my wife idea, but she is
      more in for the building of the landscape and surroundings) first
      model railroad. Because we only have limited space available, we
      decided on a z-scale set.
      While searching for any helpful information I found this list. If
      you allow, we will try to learn from your discussions, and we might
      come up with some questions sometime soon :-))

      If you know of any site, that is a real "must read" with the "to
      do's" or "never ever to do's" in our stage, we would appreciate any

      Thank you for your help from Schleswig Holstein, Germany.

      Uwe Liermann
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