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12264Re: [z_scale] 2002 - A "Z" Year in Review

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Jan 3, 2003
      Hello David,

      The new PennZee Quickit Brass Scratch Details are
      arriving with the Archimedean Ground Throw shipment.
      The majority of these frets are going to Bob Olson of
      PennZee who has contracted the job and will be the
      major supplier. Together I think we did an outstanding job.
      Now these easy to build structures will look as
      good as any full brass model yet can be put together in
      half the time. Micron Art will only have a few of these kits but
      PennZee Products Inc., (717) 540-8853, will have
      plenty of them. Contact PennZee Products first.

      I'll post more pictures on our homepage and additional
      links once I have the time. Meanwhile, please be
      careful with those QUICKIT structures, because they are going
      to look fantastic once you have detailed them!

      Thanks again for your enthusiastic support!


      On Thursday, January 2, 2003, at 12:36 PM, David George wrote:

      > Reynard,
      > I'll need to see your Pennzee add-on scratch items ASAP.
      > I want to complete the detailing of my Pennzee city ( Zeopolis)and as
      > I have each city block, in modular form for detailing purposes,I want
      > to permanently glue them down soon. They are being nicked and
      > "bruised" by being moved around in my work room. I think damage will
      > be abated by attaching them finally to the street grid on the module.
      > David G.
      > G~B&CCRR

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