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1145Re: [z_scale] Z scale track ballast

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  • Gary Klouda
    Mar 11, 2000

      The places where I've ballasted have NOT been on the part of the layout
      that is preformed. They have been on traditional (for HO, anyway)
      homasote on plywood, so the ballast has been on homasote. I have both
      used alcohol and not, with the same results. I have also tried using
      less glue and more water, same results. I have not tried matte medium on
      Z, only Elmer's and Tite-Bond; I've tried matte medium in HO and found
      it more of a pain to work with than glue with no increase in results.
      BTW, the picture of Rio Grande coal hoppers on a ballasted main is
      inspiring. I've had quite a few reponses to my queries, both on this
      forum and privately, that urged me to use foam ballast inserts. That
      picture has me reconsidering ballast. Your input is appreciated. Thanks,

      Jeffrey MacHan wrote:
      > From: "Jeffrey MacHan" <jmac_han@...>
      > Continuing on Rob's thought...if the base is plastic or some other material
      > that the glue will not adhere to adequately, I recommend painting the base
      > with a coat of acrylic water based paint. The acrylic should adhere to the
      > plastic over a wide area. Once dry you can lay the track, add and form the
      > ballast, wet it with rubbing alcohol and apply the dilute glue. The glue
      > will bond to the acrylic paint coat holding the track and ballast in place.
      > Jeffrey MacHan
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      > >Subject: Re: [z_scale] Z scale track ballast
      > >Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 10:27:37 EST
      > >
      > >Gary,
      > >
      > >The only other suggestion I have is to really soak the ballast in the mix.
      > >I
      > >use the Elmers white glue. Jeffrey suggested using alcohol to wet down the
      > >ballast first. I have not tried this, but I have heard this suggestion
      > >before. What is your subroadbed? Is it cork, or the plastic of a preformed
      > >layout? This may have something to do with it. For instance, you mentioned
      > >the Faller layout board. Is this board plastic? If so, the glue may be
      > >having
      > >a hard time holding to it. Just a thoughtÂ…
      > >
      > >Rob Kluz
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