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  • David George
    Nov 4, 2002
      Yep,,,,that's a heart tugger.
      jmac_han <jmac_han@...> wrote:Thanks, David, for taking the time to post your thoughts. I can
      identify with everything that you said.

      My fondest memories involve kids and one in particular stands out
      above all the rest.

      When I started to show the VEC in Qu´┐Żbec, it was only a single
      suitcase (obviously). I began to take it twice yearly to the Sun
      Youth Food Bank Train Show in Montreal very early on. There were
      always huge crowds at this show and it was often very difficult for
      kids to get close. I must point out that my wife always accompanied
      me to these shows and she was the one who spotted little faces that I
      didn't ordinarily notice when chatting with the older 'kids'.

      At the first showing of the VEC after having sprouted a second
      module, she called my attention to a boy of about 10 years of age who
      was standing off a bit to the side. She said that he had been there
      for about 45 minutes without taking his eyes off the layout. As it
      was nearing the end of the day, the crowds had begun to thin and
      there was room near the layout. I nodded for him to move in closer.
      Then I realised that he was physically handicapped, having no
      forearms but only a few fingers at the position of his upper arms.
      Marthe was sitting next to the layout and heard him ask softly if he
      could run the trains. She told him that he would have to ask me. He
      turned and looked up at me and repeated his question in the same soft
      voice. Why, certainly, I replied.

      I squatted down and positioned the control box to VEE on the table
      next to the layout. I held it steady as he turned the speed control
      and set the train off around the track. He then held the actuator
      while he spun the turntable for a full 360 degrees. The little devil
      had observed how I demonstrated the controls and he had everything
      down pat! He even changed the turnouts once to run the train through
      the passing loop. Of course he had to run the turntable back all the
      way around again and open and close the roundhouse doors a couple of

      The look of pure joy on his face is one I'll never forget. After
      about 5 minutes he stopped the train, turned to me and said thanks in
      his soft voice and wandered away into the departing crowds.

      I guess that is why I take the layout to train shows.

      Jeffrey MacHan

      --- In z_scale@y..., David George <dlgeorgesr@y...> wrote:
      > Jeffrey, Why do we do it?
      > Reason # 1;Pure Pleasure.
      > Reason# 2. Achievement

      "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!

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