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11431Re: [z_scale] Question to train show exhibitors

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  • David George
    Nov 3, 2002
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      Jeffrey, Why do we do it?
      Reason # 1;Pure Pleasure.
      My professional life was in Sales,and Marketing Management. Success in this field is predicated to a large extent on one'sa ability to interact with friend and foe,and aquaintance and stranger alike. Going to train shows allows me to put to work these skills and talents to gather converts to Zscale among the modelers there ,and also to influence children and parents ,(who came to spend a few idle hours at the show)to go home and find a place for a train layout. I get immense pleasure out of kid's reactions of WOW,and LOOK AT THAT,and HEY DAD-COME HERE ! when they gather around my layout. One precious moment I had was with a 3 year old boy who stood real close to me as my trains were operating. We were head to head ,right close to the track, when a derailment occured in front of us.I reached out to reset the train when the boy looked at me with alarrm ,,and in a loud whisper(so his Mom wouldn't hear) urgently said to me,,"DON'T TOUCH" ! Obviously,he had been told by his Mom for most of the day "Don't Touch",and couldn't believe that I would not follow his Mom's orders.
      Another picture I have is of a 7 year old boy ,whom I had stood up on a ladder I sometimes carry with me for a birds eye view, shouting to his friends in a school group , to "Hey Andrea,look at me !"He got this special position from me after quietly and intensely , watching my trains for 15 minutes.
      Reason# 2. Achievement
      Most every thing I've done in my life has been part of a quest to achieve.
      Achieve personal satisfaction or gratification.
      Achieve success in winning.
      Achieve praise from my family for doing well.
      Achieve abilities to be better.
      Achieve abilities in New fields.
      Achieve acknowledgement from peers and superiors for a job done well.
      Achieve a sense of comfort each day to be able to say " I did that ".
      Since I retired ,I have been filled with achievement because I've become a model train participant and go to train shows .
      My life continues with excitement and anticipation for the days I've already spent in our hobby,and also for the days ahead. Days I spend with a big smile on my face.
      David G.
      G~B&C RR
      jmac_han <jmac_han@...> wrote:Hi Gang,

      I have a question for my fellow portable layout and module
      owners who have participated in a public train show with their
      creations. The following may seem innocent enough, but just
      think about...

      "Why do you do it?"

      I'd like to hear some of the reasons why you go to the enormous
      trouble and take the risk of exposing your personal creations to
      public scrutiny.

      Jeffrey MacHan
      Call me curious!


      So, why am I asking...you ask?

      Exposing oneself in public (figuratively speaking) is a fascinating
      activity and I'd like to collect some of your thoughts and
      experiences for a future "Z-Scale Rails" article. Hey, you might
      even become famous!

      "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!

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