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11430King Ludwig items

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  • wrstone2001
    Nov 3 4:48 PM
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      I am confused regarding the King Ludwig items available in Z scale.
      I'd appreciate any help. I am familiar with (in fact, have just
      purchased) the Marklin 88921 locomotive and tender. I have also seen
      photo of the 81563 King Ludwig "starter set" (loco, tender, two cars,
      and some track) that apparently was (is?) only sold at the King
      Ludwig musical theater. From the photo, it appears that the loco is
      not exactly the same as the 88921 loco: true or false? I have also
      seen photos of the Marklin 8769 two-car set, which I believe was
      actually made by Railex. Again, from the photos, it appears that the
      cars in the 81563 set are different from those in the 8769 set: true
      or false? I have also seen a photo of what is supposedly the Marklin
      8770 five-car set. Are any of the cars in the 8769 or 81563 sets the
      same as in the 8770 set? It appears from the photos that the 8769
      may be included in the 8770 set, but I can't tell for sure. From
      looking at the photos, the detail and sharpness of painting on the
      81563 set does not appear to be up to the same standard as in the
      88921, 8769, and 8770 items - or is that just an optical illusion
      (there does seem to be a significant difference in detail)? It is
      my understanding that the 8769 set is brass, and so heavy that the
      88921 loco can only pull the two cars: again, true or false? Finally,
      how does the Railex Tristan engine fit into all of this? I'd
      appreciate any information, along with estimates of reasonable
      prices for these items on the used market (I presume most of these
      items are no longer available new), comments about availability, and
      any other comments and suggestions. Thank you!

      Ross Stone