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1143Re: [z_scale] I'm still waiting. attn: Bill Hoshiko

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  • Bill Hoshiko
    Mar 11, 2000
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      Ole Rosted wrote:

      > I have already begun to make a 3rdPlanIt design :-)
      > regards Ole Rosted, Denmark
      > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
      > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
      > CraZy 'bout Zee!


      If you don't mind another suggestion.

      Please take yourself away from your computer.

      Take all of your Marklin track. Put them on the floor and start
      arraigning them until you find a layout that you like.

      Don't get fancy. This is just a test.

      Make an oval of track to run your trains. Add a siding with switches at
      both ends so that you can park one train while operating another.

      Use the shortest radius curves on this to make it as small as possible.

      Make this portable so that you can put it away when you are not using

      Run all of your equipment on this test track. If you can operate every
      piece of equipment on this track, forward and reverse, through the
      switches, at any speed, and you do not have any derailments, you will
      have learned much about laying track.

      You will also learn much about your trains. All of the derailments will
      not be caused by the track. Many times it is due to the equipment.
      Check carefully.

      Only after this, should you attempt to handily your own railroad.

      The reason for a test layout that can be put away is that if you leave
      it up for any length of time it will become a storage space.

      The reason for using the shortest radius curves is to let you know the
      limitations of sort radiuses.

      The computer is the greatest thing for advancing my modeling efforts,
      but it is also a huge diversion. If I had spent as much time on
      building model trains as I have been spending on the computer with model
      trains my family and I would have been forced out of our home.

      For me the reason for model railroading is to have a train running on
      track. The last time that I had that was before 1967.

      Shows you how dedicated I am.

      Have fun.

      El Toro
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