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1135Re: [z_scale] Z scale track ballast

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  • ztrack@aol.com
    Mar 9, 2000

      For years I was hesitant to ballast my track for the same reasons you mentioned. I would only ballast the outside of the track and leave the inside without to avoid any problems.

      Now I am demanding more from my layout. I started painting rails, blackening catenary and adding more details. Needless to say, I started to ballast the inside of the rails. Here is how I do itÂ…

      I sprinkle fine, dry ballast in between the tracks. I smooth this out with my finger or a brush. I then use a mix of diluted white glue, water (50/50) and a dash of liquid dish washing detergent. This I poor onto the ballast. I let dry then apply a sencond application. Let dry again. Once dry, I use a vacuum to suck up all loose particles. I then can touch up any spots with the glue mix which did not hold.

      After I am satisfied with the results, I run the head of a small screwdriver against the inside of the rail to knock off any ballst which has attached itself. Vacuum one more time and clean the track thoroughly. Test with a loco and your done!

      I hope this helps, I know for me, the results have been great!

      Rob Kluz
      Ztrack Magazine
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