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111Re: Collision ?!

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  • Jacob Munkhammar
    Jul 30 6:28 PM
      About z-men.

      I do not know if this really has anything to do on this list, but--lacking
      better judgment--I post it here.

      I feel *anyone* can be a "zman" or a "z-man", as much as any one can be a
      man (any male can, anyway). Or any man can be called Jacob, Wolfgang, or
      Just drop the exclusive "the" in "the z-man", and there is no problem.

      If I recall correctly, Simon has called his Z-modelling friends in Hong
      Kong "z-men", and, honestly, we are all little z-men (and, I hope, little
      z-women), aren't we?

      I have no problem with that anyway.

      /Jacob (one of many z-men)

      PS. I promise, this is my only post on this matter on the list.

      - - - Jacob Munkhammar - - - jacob@... - - -
      mail: Arkitekt Christies gate 4b, N-7012 Trondheim, Norway
      www: http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~jacob/
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