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11065Re: Electromagnets and microtrains magne-matic couplers

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  • jmac_han
    Oct 8, 2002
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      Sounds like a great idea, Stuart. Here's another possibility that
      might be mechanically easier to build. Instead of a lever up into
      position, how about a simple push-pull rod with the magnet on
      the end of it. The magnet can be slid along simple guides into

      The 'off' position could be either in or out but I would suggest
      pulling the rod so that the magnet is in the "on" position. Most of
      us would prefer to have rods and levers pushed as close to the
      layout board as possible to avoid snagging them.


      --- In z_scale@y..., Stuart Firth <sfirth1@p...> wrote:
      > It does strike me that there is a reasonable alternative that I
      have not
      > as yet seen discussed in this particular 'forum'.
      > That is the use of relatively small permanent magnets (for the
      > of un-coupling) physically manipulated to be where they are
      needed, and
      > when.
      > What I mean is to attach said magnets to a lever system that
      moves them
      > up into an active position when they are needed to perform
      > intended task, and then drop away when un-needed.
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