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10826SBB masterpiece by K.-F. Ahnert on Cover Page

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  • jmac_han
    Sep 1, 2002
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      Hi Gang,

      This week's cover page photo comes from Harald Freudenreich
      in Germany. Here is Harald's commentary:

      "It shows the Swiss layout I introduced at the cover page
      earlier (from K.-F. Ahnert).

      Bottom level is a SBB main line. 2nd level is BLS and top level is
      RhB Zm narrow gauge. Note the BLS train set. It is complete FR
      and unfortunately entirely discontinued."

      Yes, my friends, the top line is Zm gauge! Simply amaZZZZZing!

      Personally, I am constantly thrilled by the incredible creativity and
      innovation that is taking place in "Z" scale. Thanks Harald for
      sharing this wonderfuly scene from Mr. Ahnert's layout. Thanks
      Harald for your continuing contributions to the wonderful world of
      "Z" and "Zm"!

      Click on the links below to see a low resolution (cover page) or
      high resolution (original from Harald) version of the scene.

      43 kb jpeg

      268 kb jpeg

      I look forward to showing more "Z" scenes on the cover page. I
      only have one photo from Helmut Paule in the hopper so to
      speak for next week's cover. Feel free to send me your jpegs for
      the Cover Page along with your comments on the scene.

      Enjoy your trainZ,
      Jeffrey MacHan