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10396Re: [z_scale] pager motors

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  • Mr. W
    Jul 8, 2002
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      Just a comment on pager motors. They are very attractive, relatively easy
      to get for very little money (as little as $1 each), and almost completely
      worthless for Z scale models (at least in my experience). The problem lies
      in the low voltage requirements for these motors. I've tried a number of
      different ways to compensate for the fact that I have 10V rails, and want to
      use 1.5V or 2.5V motors, but none have been successful.
      So, unfortunately, I think that pager motors must be limited to
      sidelines where you can regulate the track voltage down to the motor's
      requirement. And for such projects, I've seen pager motors used to some
      VERY impressive ends. But, it is still a fatal limitation when looking for
      a driver for a mainline locomotive. For now, we remain limited to MicroMo


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