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10345Re: [z_scale] pager motors

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  • zbendtrack@aol.com
    Jul 4, 2002

      > I was just at my local Marklin dealer's shop the other day and saw
      > something interesting. Not a train but a small R/C car. Atomic Toys
      > makes a little 1/64th scale (sort of) radio controlled car called "Z
      > cars R/C" . Some of you have probably run into to these things using
      > web searches as they always come up with "Z" stuff. I had never seen
      > one before, but looking at it close up in the store revealed their
      > motors. They use what appears to be a selection of 2.2V, 2.6V and 3.0V
      > pager motors. I couldn't tell if all three motors come with the set or
      > if the two 2.6V and 3.0V motors are an upgrade kit.

      It took about 3 minutes on www.google.com to find the wholesale distributor
      of these tiny RC cars. But there is little information there, and I don't
      wish to order a full 40 foot container full of them to get one car <smile>.

      But I did find retailers in the search. From their websites the improved
      tires, mag wheels and 2.6 and 3.0v motors are all separate, extra cost,
      items. Unfortunately, not a single retailer appears to be investing in stock
      on the extra parts. I guess no one wants to get stuck with a container of
      10,000 wheels and motors if the R/C car itself doesn't make it in the

      My question to you is, when you looked at it, were there any possibilities of
      a Z Scale drive mechanism in the car? Just having a source of axles, gears,
      motor and a frame you could cut up sounds interesting.

      Bill K.

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