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10327Re: [z_scale] Current Poll

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Jul 3, 2002
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      Hello Jeffrey,

      What? There's a new poll? I guess the
      notification got lost in my email swamp.
      I'll be sure to vote.

      Thanks for waking me up.

      jmac_han wrote:

      > Hi Gang,
      > We seem to have reached a peak of 44 votes in the Maerklin track
      > components poll. The plan is to present the results to Fred Gates of
      > Maerklin Inc. at the National Train Show in Ft. Lauderdale in a
      > couple of weeks time. I'm concerned that the low voter turnout will
      > not help our cause with him.
      > If we really want to be taken seriously on this issue we will have to
      > make a bigger impact. I will be happy to speak to Mr. Gates and to
      > express our wishes for better track. I'm sure that several other
      > members will do likewise. However, it would help immensely if there
      > were many, many more votes to back us up.
      > Even if the track issue is not important to you, please take the time
      > to vote. There is an option for the "don't care" category as well as
      > the "yes" and "no" replies.
      > All the best for the summer,
      > Jeffrey MacHan
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