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10062Re: [z_scale] Z Grades

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Jun 4, 2002
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      You said it all better than I could. Your tips with the N scale
      foam are priceless. I'll look into aquiring some of this stuff.
      That's it.


      zbendtrack@... wrote:

      > Steve:
      > > I have had many responses to my grade question
      > <snip>
      > > I honestly had not considered the aspect of decreasing the grade
      > in
      > > curves but I will admit, it makes good sense. So, are we talking
      > 30%
      > > less grade? 50% or what?
      > Our experiences here, with four axle US type trucks/boogies, have
      > shown that
      > 2.5% grade on straight track has about the same effect as 2% grade on
      > 8 inch
      > curved track. If you are using smaller radius track, I'd estimate the
      > drag
      > of the wheels would suggest almost a 1% penalty. Dragging 50% of all
      > the
      > wheels of a train through a curve is tough on a loco.
      > If you have a particular loco and a train length in mind, test it on a
      > mockup
      > on a board with track thumbtacked loosely in place. Tilt the board to
      > the
      > desired grade, and see if the loco can pull it. Takes 30 minutes, and
      > saves
      > 30 hours of tearing into finished work later. Been there, done that,
      > don't
      > ever plan to do it again.
      > By the way, the Woodlands Scienics N scale 2% foam inclines are a
      > blessing to
      > Z scalers (opinion only). It bends easily, goes down with simple
      > white glue,
      > eliminates all the head-scratching about grades, and after its dried
      > any
      > surplus cuts away easily with a knife. Once you put cork and track on
      > top,
      > you can beat it with a hammer without deforming it. Better yet, its
      > dirt
      > cheap. When you bend it in a 8" curve, you wind up with an
      > "effective" 2.5%
      > grade to the loco. Did I mention saving hours and hours of labor over
      > cookie
      > cutter construction?
      > <snip>
      > > there just seemed to be such a void of information especially in my
      > > area (Oklahoma). Discovering this group has helped fill that void.
      > Houston has a population of about 5 million folks. From time to time,
      > the
      > local Z scalers consider having a mass meeting of all us. We just
      > can't
      > figure out what clothes closet to hold it in. <grin>
      > Yes, this group helps us all. Thanks, Jeffrey.
      > Bill K.
      > Houston
      > "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!
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