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10026Re: John Harmon 0-8-0 Switcher

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  • ddechamp71
    May 30, 2002
      --- In z_scale@y..., Reynard Wellman <micron@m...> wrote:
      > Hello Dominique,
      > It was really great visiting you in Montmartre. I'll send you a
      > note later.
      > I agree, we need some big steam. I would like to add that I just
      > received my AZL Union Pacific E9A E9B E9A from Ztrack and find the
      > craftsmanship to be superb, well worth every penny. So, for now, I'm
      > very pleased with AZLs' diesel offerings
      > A Y6B mallet or a Big Boy from AZL would make the world sit up and
      > notice, maybe even shake up Marklin. Marklin has made such wonderful
      > products over the years that their reputation is unimpeachable.
      > I do believe that they should pay attention to these startups like
      > Halwa and Harald Freudenreich who are building a reputation for the
      > quality of all their products. Once they get their production and
      > distribution in line, they will give all other manufacturers a jolt.
      > Keep flying those big jets off to Tahiti but when you get back to
      > Burgundy get that layout going as well because I cannot wait to see
      > gangs of C44-9s pulling 150 freight cars up the Tehatchapee loop.
      > Best regards,
      > Reynard
      Reynard, it was also a pleasure for me! Thanks again for your little
      Ford T automobile! I hope not to seem beeing complaining of the Z
      scale products. Indeed I'm completely amazed with the products that
      have been released for 4 years: AZL Geeps and Dashes 9, halwa
      turnouts, FR Stack cars, Pennzee Hoppers, etc...We should have been
      unable to dream of all this several years ago...In my case I'm
      dedicated to modern railroading so the modern roadswitchers are
      totally amazing me, as are the modern freight cars. But I am also a
      collector, that's why I purchased an AZL Alco PA1, and if an heavy
      steam locomotive is released, I will rush on it. However, I think
      that an high number of modellers who model layouts of the fifties,
      and who deal with the rolling stock and the F-units from MT and
      Marklin would find a place on their layouts for heavy steam
      locomotives...And I think these could steer some HO or N scale
      modellers to Z....It's only my idea.
      Reynard, I hope beeing able to show you the beginning of my future
      layout the next time you come to France!
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