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1Hello to the Z Scale List!

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  • George Menzie
    Jun 28, 1999
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      My name is George Menzie and I work at Micro-Trains Line Co. I am pleased that Jeffrey has created a list for Z Scalers on @onelist.

      While I will not be a very active participant in discussions, and have opted for the digest version of the list, I will be reading your posts every day (as I do the Nn3 list and the N list.)

      I model in both N and HO scales, but I am in full support of all scales and all levels of intensity (rivet counters vs fantasy islanders.) I don't believe any scale or method of modeling is any better or more important than any other. I just love trains.

      I find the newsgroup forum quite valuable, so while you may not hear too much from me... I'll be listening to you!

      Best regards to all.


      George Menzie / Marketing Director
      Micro-Trains Line Co.
      351 Rogue River Pky.
      Talent, OR 97540

      Tel: 541-535-1755
      Fax: 541-535-1932

      email: george@...
      Web: http://www.micro-trains.com