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Announcing Policy Changes for Yahoo! Developer Network APIs and Web Services

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  • Eleanor Kruszewski
    Announcing Policy Changes for Yahoo! Developer Network APIs and Web Services! We re pleased and proud to announce that we ve modified our Terms of Use for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2006
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      Announcing Policy Changes for Yahoo! Developer Network APIs and Web

      We're pleased and proud to announce that we've modified our Terms of Use
      for Developer Network APIs and clarified our policies on how you can use
      our services. Many of our services are no longer covered by
      restrictions preventing "commercial" use; we are giving you more
      specific guidance as to what's acceptable. The exciting changes include:
      - Yahoo! Search APIs are now rate limited individually at 5K
      queries/day/api, giving you as many as 4 times the daily query
      allocation for your applications
      - Yahoo! Maps APIs have their own Terms of Use
      http://developer.yahoo.com/maps/mapsTerms.html and we've clarified
      exactly what kinds of applications are acceptable, and what uses you
      cannot make
      - A new request form at http://developer.yahoo.com/register/ to have
      your application validated as being an acceptable use, to request
      additional queries, and to sign up to receive system status notices -
      this is where to go if you have usage questions or need more queries
      - Significantly enhanced list of Frequently Asked Questions

      See our usage policy, documentation and terms of use for full

      What this means?
      For most APIs, you can now find clear guidance on usage in our Terms of
      Use, which is summarized on our Usage Policy page
      http://developer.yahoo.com/usagePolicy/. If you want to confirm that
      your usage is ok, let us know about your application, request additional
      queries, or sign up to receive system announcements, register your
      application with us, and we'll get back to you.

      And finally, on behalf of the team at Yahoo! Groups, we're happy to
      announce that the *search* feature in Yahoo! Groups has been
      dramatically improved. Searching the message archives for a Group
      actually works now! So from now on when you're looking for a bit of
      info you thought you read before, try the search function in Yahoo!
      Groups. We hope this will make our developer support groups even more
      helpful for you in building your applications.

      As always, thanks for your participation and interest in Yahoo! Web
      Services. We're excited that these changes will make it easier for you
      to know for sure what you can do with our services, and make it easier
      for us to connect with you.



      eleanor kruszewski (kru-shef-ski)
      program mgr.
      yahoo! developer network
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