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306Re: addReportRequestWithAccountAggregation Returns variable XML attributes

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  • don.frazier
    Dec 7, 2006
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      Thank you Monkey. If only it were so easy.

      The TSV file has some additional header information that lists the
      report parameters. This precedes the actual "report" information" So I
      either have to strip that off or have a special case in my bulk insert
      that says

      if yahoo
      startat = 9
      startat = 2

      I'm trying to avoid special case processing and coupling my code in so
      many places.

      I already have the exclude logic working so I'll probably just go with
      that. I'm still open to any other suggestions though.

      FWIW: I'm partial to the Adwords Custom report that lets me aggregate
      by day across all my accounts and pick exactly the columns I want.

      Sample TSV data:

      Master Account name
      Report Name KeywordSummary 2006-12-03 2006-12-03
      Date Range Dec 3, 2006
      Sort Column Campaign Id
      Sort Order Ascending
      Campaign Id Ad Group Id [removed]
      Totals [removed]
      92 110 {removed]

      --- In yws-searchmarketing@yahoogroups.com, "Yahoo! Search Marketing
      Monkey" <plummerm@...> wrote:
      > Don,
      > Someone pointed out to me that you can use the TSV format for reports
      > achieve your desired solution. The columns will be consistent, and
      > sounds like you are just converting to TSV anyways.
      > Will that work?
      > -Y!SM Monkey
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