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306Re: addReportRequestWithAccountAggregation Returns variable XML attributes

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  • don.frazier
    Dec 7, 2006
      Thank you Monkey. If only it were so easy.

      The TSV file has some additional header information that lists the
      report parameters. This precedes the actual "report" information" So I
      either have to strip that off or have a special case in my bulk insert
      that says

      if yahoo
      startat = 9
      startat = 2

      I'm trying to avoid special case processing and coupling my code in so
      many places.

      I already have the exclude logic working so I'll probably just go with
      that. I'm still open to any other suggestions though.

      FWIW: I'm partial to the Adwords Custom report that lets me aggregate
      by day across all my accounts and pick exactly the columns I want.

      Sample TSV data:

      Master Account name
      Report Name KeywordSummary 2006-12-03 2006-12-03
      Date Range Dec 3, 2006
      Sort Column Campaign Id
      Sort Order Ascending
      Campaign Id Ad Group Id [removed]
      Totals [removed]
      92 110 {removed]

      --- In yws-searchmarketing@yahoogroups.com, "Yahoo! Search Marketing
      Monkey" <plummerm@...> wrote:
      > Don,
      > Someone pointed out to me that you can use the TSV format for reports
      > achieve your desired solution. The columns will be consistent, and
      > sounds like you are just converting to TSV anyways.
      > Will that work?
      > -Y!SM Monkey
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