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301addReportRequestWithAccountAggregation Returns variable XML attributes

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  • don.frazier
    Dec 4, 2006
      Hello all ... I am submitting a
      addReportRequestWithAccountAggregation() for my account. In the
      returned XML, there seems to be quite a bit of variance on the
      reports, depending on the the data. In Adcenter and Adwords,
      every "row" in the XML report has the same "columns" regardless of
      the data.

      Panama seems to return different "rows" depending on the actual
      data. For example, the "analytics" element may contain the
      attributes numImpr, numClick, ctr, numConv, revenue, cost and
      averagePosition. But if ctr is anything other than "0.0", then the
      additional columns cpc, numConv, clickConvRate and roas are also

      My technique for parsing this report is to flatten it into a tab
      delimited file that I then bulk load into my data base for further
      processing. Obviously, the variable columns are killing my process.
      I'd like to keep my XML parser generic cuz it works basically the
      same for any XML data, as long as the data follows a set pattern.
      Any idea if there's a way to get a consistent set of columns in the
      output? Samples below.

      <row cmpgnID="92" adGrpID="100" keywordID="22" urlID="48820"
      accountName="xxx" accountID="30" cmpgnName="s" adGrpName="xx2"
      keywordName="xx" url="http://xxx">
      <analytics numImpr="1" numClick="0" ctr="0.0" numConv="0"
      revenue="0.0" cost="0.0" averagePosition="1.0" />

      <row cmpgnID="92" adGrpID="100" keywordID="222" urlID="8"
      accountName="xxx" accountID="30" cmpgnName="s" adGrpName="xx"
      keywordName="xx" url="http://xx">
      <analytics numImpr="26" numClick="5" ctr="0.19230769230769232"
      cpc="0.11" numConv="0" clickConvRate="0.0" revenue="0.0" roas="0.0"
      cost="0.55" averagePosition="1.1153846153846154" />
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