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1151Re: Problem with Canoncial Text of Keyword

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  • jdephix
    Mar 17 2:46 AM
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      you can't provide canonical texts as they are automatically set by Yahoo: http://developer.searchmarketing.yahoo.com/docs/V7/reference/data/Keyword.php

      Basically, canonical form of a keyword is a string of keywords in alphabetic order and in singular form.

      "fancy red cars" => "car fancy red"
      "red car fancy" => "car fancy red" (adding this one would fail)

      So if you're trying to add a second keyword which has the same canonical form as a keyword within the same adgroup you will get an error message.

      Hope this helps.


      --- In yws-searchmarketing@yahoogroups.com, "rajesh_kommuri" <rajesh_kommuri@...> wrote:
      > hi,
      > here iam getting exception for new keywords adding as keywords Canonical search text is not unique. how to provide different canoncial texts for keywords.
      > Thanks&Regards,
      > Rajeshk.
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