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1131Re: BasicReportService V7 in Java - Service_URL

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  • muzu2468
    Jul 22, 2010
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      Thanks for the reply and trying to help.
      As I could not find a sample report in java on Yahoo, I found and downloaded the program 'BasicReportServiceDemo.java' from Koders.com and am trying to make it work. I also have 'EWSConfigurator.java', 'EWSUtil.java', 'ServiceLocator.java' and 'ewsconfig.properties'. It all compiles cleanly on my PC (Eclipse) but get runtime erros.

      I downloaded the class library 'com.yahoo.sm.ws.client' which contains all the classes needed for 'BasicReportServicesDemo'. This library has classes such as 'BasicReportServiceServiceLocator',
      Do I have the right class library? Is it perhaps not V7? I don't really care which version as long as I can run a 'AdKeywordSummary' report.

      As I am a newbie using java for Web Services, any help would be tremendously appreciated.

      --- In yws-searchmarketing@yahoogroups.com, "Joshua J. Kugler" <joshua@...> wrote:
      > On Wednesday 21 July 2010, muzu2468 elucidated thus:
      > > Can anyone tell me what the endpoint url is for BasicReportService
      > > V7?
      > >
      > > Support tells me I have to use the ServiceLocator to find it? Is that
      > > correct? Isn't there a direct path?
      > >
      > > Whatever I tried so far comes back with a 503(Service Unavailable)
      > > error
      > Per the documentation, you must login via the ServiceLocator to find the
      > server to use for the rest of your calls.
      > The url:
      > http://developer.searchmarketing.yahoo.com/docs/V7/wsdl/V7LocationService.wsdl
      > will get you the WSDL for the service locator. Then a call to
      > getMasterAccountLocation() with the proper credential headers will get
      > the URL prefix to use for the other calls.
      > j
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