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  • jeffreymcmanus
    Jun 27, 2005
      Hi everyone and welcome to yws-searchmarketing, the group for Yahoo!
      Search Marketing Web Services.

      This group supports software developers who want to create software to
      integrate with Yahoo! Search Marketing Web Services. If you're a
      (non-developer) customer of Yahoo! Search Marketing and you're looking
      for help with the Search Marketing product, please go to

      If this is your first exposure to creating software that incorporates
      Yahoo!, you might also want to check out our Developer Network web
      site, located at:


      The Developer Network site supports all of Yahoo! developer products,
      which currently includes:

      * Search
      * Search Marketing
      * Music
      * Flickr (photo sharing)

      We've got more developer products, tools, and APIs coming soon, so
      check back frequently and feel free to give us feedback about what
      you'd like to see.

      Thanks for joining us. We're looking forward to seeing what you come
      up with!


      Jeffrey McManus
      Yahoo! Developer Network