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Migrating to YUILibrary.com

We have moved all YUI-related discussion forums to YUILibrary.com http://yuilibrary.com/forum/ The YUI 3 forums are listed here:
Eric Miraglia
Mar 15, 2010

Re: Problem reagrading desgining the webpage

Jignesh, The best thing to do is to head over to the YUI Library documentation pages -- http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/ There you can read about the
Eric Miraglia
Mar 15, 2010

Problem reagrading desgining the webpage

Hello Friends,  I am working in alfresco share which uses the yui library to design the web page But i have to design my own custom web pages and give some
Jignesh Thakkar
Mar 14, 2010

YUI CSS Grids 3.0.0

Hello, In V3.0.0 grids have dramatically changed. Is there a writeup, blog post, or anything that documents or explains how to use the new grids? Thanks!
Feb 17, 2010


http://www.charloteweb.com/divas/tiffany-limos.html http://www.charloteweb.com/divas/tiffany-limos.html http://www.charloteweb.com/divas/tiffany-limos.html
Feb 13, 2010

Re: Selector regression in FF 3.0, Dev Master

You should post this on the Forums at http://yuilibrary.com/forum This Yahoo Group is present for archival purposes, but it's not an active support channel.
Dav Glass
Jan 18, 2010

Selector regression in FF 3.0, Dev Master

Hello, I need to roll forwards the version YUI I'm using to pick up some bug fixes, however I cannot due to bug #2528556, a pretty severe regression on an
Logan Bowers
Jan 18, 2010

IE fires blur on Scrollbar click/mousedown

Hello, I have a problem with IE... as allways. I have a div with a vertical scrollbar. On all Browsers the onBlur is not fired when i click on it. IE fires
Alexander Kaupp
Jan 17, 2010

Re: Can't understand data schema

Houdini, I'd recommend posting this at http://yuilibrary.com/forum/ -- and specifically in the DataTable/DataSource forum,
Eric Miraglia
Jan 11, 2010

Can't understand data schema

I get the following data [ { "vignette":{"created_at":"2010-01-09T10:05:15Z","title":null,"invitation_code":"80"}}, {
Jan 9, 2010

Re: YUI3 and web workers

My current method, in the following simplified example (with some components omitted for clarity), works, but maybe a little clunky. I'm also wondering how
Mark Jarecki
Dec 15, 2009

YUI3 and web workers

Hi there, I was wondering if someone might have a basic example of getting web workers working with YUI3. Cheers Mark
Mark Jarecki
Dec 14, 2009

Re: YUI 3 overlay invisible together with container.css

Paolo, Yes, you can subscribe to any individual forum using a subscribe link at the bottom of the page. Regards, Eric
Eric Miraglia
Dec 4, 2009

Re: YUI 3 overlay invisible together with container.css

OK, thanks. I don't see a setting in the new forum for receiving messages by email. Is'nt it possible? /paolo Eric Miraglia skrev:   Paolo, As we are winding
Dec 3, 2009

Re: YUI 3 overlay invisible together with container.css

Paolo, As we are winding down this Yahoo! group and participation here is decreasing, I'd recommend taking your question to the YUI Developer Forums --
Eric Miraglia
Dec 3, 2009
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