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Re: [YugoUnitedGVOwners] Yugo dash lights

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  • Art Hughes
    Have that planed, and my front and rear lamps. Headlamps, will look for latest and bestest.   Didn t see yugodan s post about getting his Abarth, until
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 22, 2013
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      Have that planed, and my front and rear lamps. Headlamps, will look for latest and bestest.


      Didn't see yugodan's post about getting his Abarth, until tonight, so this is not a reaction (envy) to his purchase.



      I drive in a spirited fashion, and that will get worse when I can get time to do my 1603CC new engine.

      So, in the mean time, have a front brake problem. Brakes OK, mild to medium stops, but dives real hard to the right in emerg stops. Almost dumped it last week (near spin out,with crash), when caught in a near accident of 2 other cars I was missing hitting. I can fix it, but spending money on stock brakes, doesn't apeal to me.


      Buying "Whoa" brakes for the front, and rear disc brake converstion, tomorrow. Will post pics and cost in the next few days.


      My coil over shocks/springs are still on order. We will make them in our shop, and I'll get the first set set. We are doing them for X1/9's, now, but haven't for the Yugo/Fiat 128 as of yet. The fabrication man is swamped, with 2 Honda K20/X1/9 in process.

      My stroker crank is also still on order. No big hurry to me. Gonna hurt my checkbook when I do my engine.

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      Do you ever get tired of a poorly lit dash then you need to get some 192 LED bulbs and replace the reg bulbs.I cannot believe the drastic difference they make.I also changed the bulb for the fiber optics on the switches and those actually lite up now.You can find the bulbs on EBAY for cheep about $.99 each if you buy a ten pack.Today the Yugo ,tomorrow my Fiat 131 Brava.That car really needs better lighting for sure. EBAY item #150793635333
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