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Re: [YugoUnitedGVOwners] Yugo Fuses

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  • Art Hughes
    Oh, OK, I see what happened. You didn t spend the money for trouble shooting your electrical problem. I avoid going anywhere near where a cheap Yugo might
    Message 1 of 19 , Jul 1, 2012
      Oh, OK, I see what happened. You didn't spend the money for "trouble shooting" your electrical problem.
      I avoid going anywhere near where a cheap Yugo might be, just to not take a chance I would weaken, and buy another one.

      If you are still thinking the brake lights are blowing your fuse, the 3rd brake light wiring should be looked at, where it exits the body, and enters the hatch.
      Never saw a Yugo with that problem, but very common on Volvo wagons that wires would short out, and cause problems.
      Have seen a couple Yugos, and many Volvo wagons, where the 3rd brake light bulb holder melted, and shorted.
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      Still working on the troubleshooting, but got a mail from a group member about 8 miles up the road and ended up buying another 87 GV for myself!  Another one that has basically sat for the last 10 years in a garage.  Minor tweaks, unfortunately needs a windshield from a lawn mower incident.

      All in all fairly decent, not as nice of interior as my son's, but I can live with it.  Something to tinker with... now if I could find a cheap 1.5 to drop in it with a 5 speed.... :)

      DaveP in NE Ohio
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