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'My New Yugo"

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  • Art Hughes
    In my quest to improve my Yugo (I need more power, and handling, while I wait to get a new engine/trans package ready) I changed my carb Sat. I installed a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2012
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      In my quest to improve my Yugo (I need more power, and handling, while I wait to get a new engine/trans package ready)
      I changed my carb Sat.
      I installed a Weber DGV 5, that has 32MM primary barrel, and 36MM secondary butterflies. Manual choke, linkage operated secondary.
      So far, it defiantly, completely, changed how it runs. I can take off with less throttle, and, without having to push the gas down as much as I did before, I can accelerate in 1st and 2nd at a higher rate. NOT using the secondary barrell. Before, a large pedal movement was needed to stay with normal traffic accel, where now, the same amount of pedal gives me more accel rate than normal traffic.
      1st and 2nd gear max speeds are much quicker to attain, 3rd gear isn't the "wait awhile, it'll get there" anymore, and actually is fun as heck to just floor it. Speaking of that, got caught in the far left lane this AM, and wanted over to the far right to exit.
      I downshifted from 4th to 3rd at 65MPH, jumped on the throttle, and accelerated, fairly quickly to near 80MPH!
      (had plenty of time and room to make the move)
      4th gear is now such that I can accel by pushing down hard, where before it didn't make much diff in speed, until several seconds later.
      The car came to me with a bad vac advance unit, and I found a used one on a junk dist, at work. That one is failing, so tomorrow will order a new one. Can't check gas mileage yet, as the inop vac unit kills the gas mileage. I'm guesstimating the carb is good for near 10HP, just a bolt on, and figuring at least 3HP for the engine/trans oil change, my 1100CC Yugo is becoming a performer.
      The carb installs fairly easy. Biggest prob is the bolt pattern is larger than the stock Yugo, so you have to ream the bolt holes   making the holes oblong, to go over the Yugo carb studs. A drill and the right drill size is all it takes. 
      The stock throttle cable bracket has to be moved over to driver's left, and notched to fit around the oil cap. The cable bracket has to be made shorter, so the cable is aimed, lower, at the throttle arm, and the cable should slip on the carb arm easily if you have the bracket bent, or re-welded, to the right shape.
      I have a spring from the carb arm, to the spare tire bracket. I already had a manual choke cable for my first carb, installed opposite the key under the edge of the dash, so that just bolted on normally. Air cleaner may be made to fit by drilling new holes.
      Mine, I have a 3 inch tall, round paper element, and a dish type air cleaner, which is aftermarket, and offset to clear the heater. You should be able to buy a aftermarket cleaner at a hot rod shop to fit, after making new holes.
      My next step is an exhaust system. Because the car came to me with a new Cat, maybe some of the old Cat is in the rear muffler, which restricts exhaust flow. I say that because the new carb flows a lot more air, and the engine goes a little flat after 7,000RPM, where before it didn't. More air in has to go out, or the engine chokes.
      I mentioned I found 2 cam lobes going bad, but they will be ok for now. I plan on changing the cam in 2-3 weeks. I want to test the new exhaust as the engine is now, before further mods.
      Art Hughes  Columbus, Ohio  USA
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