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Re: Carb question

my stock webber with the needle and seat drilled out, drilled out jets, and different emulsion tubes does just fine with my turbocharger set-up. next time i
May 5

Re: Carb question

My next carb change is a 36/36 Weber DCN. The carb basically will be turned 90 degrees, as the throttle arm pulls from the long side of the carb body. Makes
Art Hughes
May 3

Re: Carb question

In answer to your question about jets, drive it first as is, check gas mileage for 1/2 tank, then go 1 step leaner on the main fuel jet, and check mileage
Art Hughes
May 3

Re: Carb question

DavePinto engines are fun to play with, I did that for 11 years when I had a round track race car. I do know that you can say that for every $100 you spend on
Art Hughes
May 3

Re: Carb question

Hi Art, Back when I was messing with carbs and YugoÆs I had a Yugo linkage ball that I ground off the arm from the back. Chucked it in the lathe and drilled
Jonathan Ranney
May 3

Re: Carb question

My experience with the 32/36 is limited, but I did have one on my 1100 for a short time. I believe there are 2 different ones, and the one I had on my Yugo had
Art Hughes
May 3

Re: Carb question

i have a small collection of emulsion tubes that will work for those if u need some, still have hatch locks, and aluminum wheels with your name on them you
May 3

Carb question

Picked up a couple of carbs at the swap meet Saturday that looked like progressive Webers, but ended up being for a 2300cc Ford Pinto/Mustang (which we are
May 2


My son just sent these. The white one is from a scene in the  movie  101 Dalmations .   and one of my bear  YUGI     Cheers.............bill n My son
bill nolan
Apr 27
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... and finally #17

Just got back to central FL after almost 1400 miles in the Smokies of western NC including 'bout 350 miles of bashing around between 2- and 5,000 feet in
Bill Schulz
Apr 27

Re: The YUGO Club: Yugo's in the news

I always enjoy telling doubters about the Cabrio that went thru Barrett Jackson auto auction for $10,000 a year or so ago.  Art Hughes  Columbus, Ohio  USA
Art Hughes
Apr 20

Yugo's in the news

Has anybody see the article in Hemming's sports and exotic. There is a story about affordable convertibles and the Yugo Cabrio is listed as a VERY rare and fun
Apr 20

Re: 1989 gv

Yeah, there is no set price, even things like air conditioning, that might add value for one buyer, may be seen as a negative to another buyer. Myself, I
Apr 19

Re: 1989 gv

All the 1100/4 speed Yugos are basically priced the same. The year doesn't really matter, and in totally stock condition, only working AC would add a small
Art Hughes
Apr 18

1989 gv

hey yall, what are 89 gv selling for now? steve
Apr 16
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