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12236Re: Just discovered camshaft / crankshaft timing off by ~3 teeth

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  • yugophile
    Jul 3, 2014
      That's interesting  that CA didn't know about carbs on cabrios. There were only around 80 Cabrios in the U.S. , maybe none were originally sold in CA? Here in PA there is a book that tells inspection stations what year car has what emission equipment, and according to that book, there are NO EFI Yugos! When I bring them a EFI yugo they want to see an air pump on it, but they are quick to accept that I am more of an expert on Yugos than the state of pennsylvania. The 1100, 1300 and 1500 have identical valve placement and lift, but the 1300 and 1500 have deeper valve cutouts on top of the pistons.    The 1500 has lower compression and less spark advance (5 degrees @ idle vac advance plugged) I've read fiat did this to meet emissions. Late spark dosn't get as much work out of the fuel but it sends more heat out the exhaust which helps the catalytic converter do it's job. Have you checked your compression?  It's a good thing to do when assessing what you need to do. Write it down so you will have that info years from now, should you have need to recheck it. Another thing you might consider if you find it is running too rich to pass emissions, but is otherwise working great and you don't want to mess with the carb, is that you can add alcohol  to the gas. If they can give you the air fuel ratio that you are at, you should be able to calculate how much alcohol to add to a given amount of gas to put you at the right A/F ratio. Get your other stuff (cam and ignition timing) right first o course. 
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