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Megasquirt software getting awesomer!

  • yugophile
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       I’ve been a big fan of converting yugos to megasquirt fuel injection and timing control for years and it’s still getting better.   Now you can link GPS to the “tuner studio” software. With that extra piece of the puzzle, it can now estimate MPG  in real time and datalog it. They say you can figure out your drag coefficient now.    “Shadow Dash” is software for Android tablets that links your Megasquirt and a 10hz gps though bluetooth. You can see and log what all of your engine sensors see, plus what your g force sensors in the android, plus the gps. Finally I’ll be able to measure the difference in a set of tires. I could go on an on, but a link shall do better.   http://tunerstudio.com/index.php/shadowdashmsmenu