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11862Re: [YugoUnitedGVOwners] RE: Clutch query for Turbo

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  • kennellybill
    Oct 24, 2013
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      thanx jeff... think i will hold off on that 1 u told me about yesterday
      and save my duckets for something i know the specs and history on

      the clutch i have now proly is the original worn one... maybe a new
      high quality one will suffice, esp. if it worked on the x 19 race car
      i will be in touch, jeff i/m gettin good w/ body work and slowly gettin
      proper equipment for painting, jus fyi

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      From: joffrey1 <joffrey1@...>
      To: yugounitedgvowners2 <yugounitedgvowners2@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thu, Oct 24, 2013 10:23 am
      Subject: [YugoUnitedGVOwners] RE: Clutch query for Turbo

      yeah the 1500 clutch disk is bigger, requires the matching pressure
      plate and  flywheel with the ring gear swapped over from a 1100/1300.  
      So you figure you just have so much torque when it hits high rpm that
      it starts slipping? Thats something.   Would be helpful to know how
      much torque it takes to make your clutch slip.  I don't know of a spec
      for it. I know that springs can weaken and of course, there is wear.
       One time i didn't have a impact wrench for removing a crank pulley
      nut.  chocked the wheels and put it in high gear. Didn't get the nut
      off, but it let me know that the clutch would slip at a little over 100
      ft pounds of torque. Seems crazy  that performance clutch sellers will
      just say "this stage 2 will have a little more hold than stock" and
      "stage 3 will have a lot more" without quantifying it with some sort of
       measurement.  I couldn't find any yugo/fiat clutches on art's link.
       I've been eyeing this one for my turbo cabrio project:
       http://www.misterclutch.com/1988-yugo-gvx-spec-stage-3-clutch%c2%a0 If I
      can find an affordable 1500 flywheel, I would go with stage 2
      performance clutch for that instead.

      ---In yugounitedgvowners2@yahoogroups.com, <rdhesse@...> wrote:

      thanx art for the 411... i will do some research and then maybe ask
      your opinion b4 i order

      --- In yugounitedgvowners2@yahoogroups.com, Art Hughes <pro4art@...>
      > If your clutch slips at high RPM, do you have enough free play in the
      > Is it used/old, or replaced with a re-manufactured, or new assy? I'd
      avoid a reman clutch for high performance applications.
      > Our company X1/9 race car uses a aftermarket, new, stock type clutch
      assy.  It's a respected manufacturer, and has had no problems. The
      clutch has 10 HARD races on it, 6,500 to 8,500 RPM is the normal engine
      range, and a few 9,000 RPM runs when shifting point has to be
      extended. Clutch is for the 1500CC engine, maybe that's what you'll
      have to do. Don't know if you can redrill the flywheel. The 1500 disc
      is 7.5 in diameter, the 1100 might be the same as the 1300, 7.145 In. 
      > Go to  www.quartermasterusa.com  I talked to a rep when at
      the National Championship races in Sept, and you might be wanting a
      "Rally' type clutch, which has more grip than a street unit. 
      > You can check the Midwest-Bayless site to see what we have. We used a
      clutch from our parts stock. Can't give you the horse power we have,
      but our last race, we had more than ever, over a wider RPM range than
      the prev 9 races.
      > Art Hughes  Columbus, Ohio  USA
      >  Visit   http://www.wvaanne.com/%c3%82%c2%a0%c3%82%c2%a0 Art's List of Family
      Connections, WV Rt  87
      >                      Genealogy in Jackson and
      Mason Counties, WV

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      > From: Bill <rdhesse@...>
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      > Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 11:34 AM
      > Subject: [YugoUnitedGVOwners] Clutch query for Turbo
      > Turbo charged Yugo flies!! Clutch starts to give out around 5 - 6
      grand, any advice? Also, not getting updates from the site, thus this
      is a test. Ty
      > Will post pix soon
      > Anyone ever get clutche plates resurfaced like some of the drag cars
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