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11851Re: [YugoUnitedGVOwners] X1/9 struts

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  • Bill Schulz
    Oct 4, 2013
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       Art, if you do away with the, as you call it, "buggy spring," you're going to have to put in an anti-roll bar or, if you already have one, a stiffer one. That double-mount spring is anything but a Ford-type center-mount transverse spring as it serves not only to suspend the car but to also counter any roll tendencies. With an asymmetrical loading such as in a turn, the up load on the outside end of the spring (outside wheel) is transfered to a down movement in the center via the outside mount (fulcrum) which, in turn, is converted into an up load on the inside end of the spring (inside wheel) via the inside mount (fulcrum).   It's one of Dante Giacosa's most brilliant ideas which, along with the semi-trailing arm rear suspension, were first introduced in the 1955 FIAT 600.

      As for binding, I seriously doubt it as the lateral forces are taken up only by the A-arm. The spring only rides on the cross-bar of the A-arm offering no lateral stabilizing force whatsoever.

      Now, if the A-arm is lower at the outer end than the inner, there will be a jacking tendency. Conversely, outer end higher than inner will result in a crouch. On a turn, the outside should want to jack to offset centrifugal force's roll tendency. Lowering the rear suspension without lowering the mount points of the A-arm will tend to increase body roll, not a good thing.

      FIAT- Try it, you'll like it.
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      From: Art Hughes <pro4art@...>
      To: "yugounitedgvowners2@yahoogroups.com" <yugounitedgvowners2@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thursday, October 3, 2013 9:39 PM
      Subject: Re: [YugoUnitedGVOwners] X1/9 struts

      At my work, Midwest-Bayless, we have already investigated the VW strut idea. We currently are making coil over struts for X1/9's, all 4 corners, with springs
      That tech will be used to build coil overs for Yugo's and other similar Fiat models. You'd have to call and ask for Matt, to get more info. I've ordered front and rear coil overs for my Yugo. I want a reasonable ride, that is, not a slam jolting over rough surfaces. Maybe 15% stiffer from stock. The old spine tells me what to design for.
      My idea is to eliminate the rear Yugo spring, which I feel binds the rear suspension on sharp, fast, turns. The Yugo buggy spring works really well, but I think fully independent rear suspension would be better. Plus, lowering the car will help with eliminating some of the rear wheel "jacking". The rear control arms run down hill, so they could tuck under, not go level when loaded with heavy side loads. 
      I have plans for a stiffer front sway bar, and suspect I'll need a soft rear bar, to trim the handling. A lot of money, but have already converted the front brakes to "Whoa" 4 piston calipers, and the rears to X1/9 discs, and built a custom exhaust.
      Got some pics downloaded in the photo file, under My New Yugo.
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      From: "mgcarguy@..." <mgcarguy@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, October 3, 2013 11:48 AM
      Subject: [YugoUnitedGVOwners] X1/9 struts
      Ok I have X1/9 struts for the front of the Yugo and I was wondering a few things. One how much will it lower the Yugo? Two what is the stock X1/9 spring rate, length and ID? I could measure this this Saturday but some springs have come up for sale and I need to know quicker if posssible. Also are their any options for replacement struts? I know someone mentioned being about to swap A1 VW Bilsteins on maybe. Anyone know anything about this?

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