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  • orionyugo
    Oct 14, 2008
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      as you know, parts specifically for the fuel injected and automatic
      cars are my worst nightmere. i tried to get Hadrian (the pervious
      owner of the company) to buy more hard to find items when we were
      buying directly from the Zastava/yugo factory.

      he was an extremely frugal Englishman. that is good unless there are
      items you need to buy before some jackass bombs the factory your
      come from. so there are some items, such as tripode bearings, and fi
      intake hoses for the late fi cars that i am having a hard time
      and auto brake rotors-i have brought in 6 differnt sets from Italy,
      and none fit.

      anyhoo..my point is that i know that there are some of you out there
      who bought up yugo ex dealer inventories, or squirreled away parts,
      and it would be a great help if anyone who has these kind of parts
      would let me know. i have a guy really stuck because he needs the
      tripode bearing or left drive shaft for a 90 gv+ fuelie.