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  • orionyugo
    Jul 7, 2008
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      a lot of people call me on non 800 866 numbers, they call the local
      numbers to save me money. i appreciate that, but i have vonage, so it
      it is okay. i change local numbers a lot.
      so please only call me on the 800 or 866 numbers. people call on the
      old local numbers, and piss off people who got the number years ago.
      and we are not called or"ion anymore. forget that name. or anyother
      name starting with o. it's just Jay Yugo. and don't worry, i am not
      giving up.

      and if you see a banging head, do not freak out. just call me, and i
      will tell you where to go.

      i will always take care of your little orphan motors cars.