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129yugos for sale

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  • orionyugo
    Dec 28, 2005
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      well, if someone really wants to buy a cabrio, one is for sale here in
      San Angelo, Texas. it is the the on the front page at
      www.yugoparts.com. more pictures available on request.

      a friend of mine in San Antonio is restoring Yugos. he insists on
      painting them, going through the engines, putting cd players in them,
      etc. i told him to sell them the way they were, but he won't listen. he
      has also been know to put (shudder) white walls on them.

      I also has one of Bill's (the guy in S.A.) 's cars here for sale. for
      pictures please email me before i put these cars on ebay.
      i don't check this email much, so email me at italcar@...