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  • Karen - I tried following the link in that pdf. When I clicked on the "BOSS DASHBOARD" link it just takes me back to the listing of my projects. And when I clicked on the "manage billing" link (which shows up as "disable boss" in the pdf), I go to a page not at all like the next one in the PDF. The only link I found to the "account specific support form" was just to that pdf...
    tech@... Jul 29, 2014
  • Curious - were you geocoding? And if so, where did you bail out to?
    tech@... Jul 21, 2014
  • I just was perusing the most recent posts to this board and every one has no resolution. As far as I can tell this is the correct place to ask about errors and it's about as useful as not sending in anything. Are these paid APIs actually completely unsupported by Yahoo?
    tech@... Jul 21, 2014
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  • Just found the dashboard which shows the problem, I think. US East experiences it, but US West seems to not be experiencing it. Is there any way to send my requests to US West while this is ongoing? It has been days now. Status Dashboard - Yahoo! Developer Network Status Dashboard - Yahoo! Developer Network The Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN) is Yahoo!'s central resource for...
    tech@... Jul 21, 2014
  • Just posted this same error before I saw this thread. I am experiencing the same issues on code that is very old and unchanged. felix
    tech@... Jul 21, 2014
  • As of this weekend I am getting a *lot* of 504 errors on geocoding addresses. Is there any known issues? Code has been working fine for months, so reasonably confident it is not on my end. The error being returned is: {"bossresponse":{"responsecode":"504","reason":"BOSSPlaceFinderProvider timeout"}} felix
    tech@... Jul 21, 2014
  • We are also unable to get the usage listing, and we were charged $200 in two days! Where do we leave support tickets for this? Is it the general "contact" form? Thanks -Kristian --- In ysearchboss@^$1, Paymon wrote: > > Hello Joe, > > We are looking into the matter. I've responded to the ticket that you have > opened. > > Regards, > paymon > > > > ----- Original Message ---- > From...
    majoninternational Aug 15, 2011
  • Hi. I've deleted my project, added it back in again, gone thru the attach payment step, and waited 1 hour. I'm still getting OAuth oauth_problem="signature_invalid", realm="yahooapis.com" Rick --- In ysearchboss@^$1, Rahul Hampole wrote: > > Hello Sam, > We apologize for this issue. It has now been rectified. > > I would recommend deleting your BOSS project and creating a new one...
    eightfoldlogicapi Apr 8, 2011
  • I have signed up and obtained an API key, and it doesn't seem to work either thru a java app or directly as a get. I get from both: Please provide valid credentials. OAuth oauth_problem="signature_invalid", realm="yahooapis.com" Are valid auth keys being given out, and do they work?
    eightfoldlogicapi Apr 7, 2011
  • Yeah, it looks fine. But there is a grey area. The purpose of this tool is to display pages to a user, based on user input. Basically, I want to run a number of queries (5-20) based off of user input, and combine/display these. As it stands right now, my service would cache these results (as my code does additional analysis on the site..alexa ranking for the link, for example). And...
    just_a_techie200x Nov 3, 2009