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Pass multiple WOEIDs in placefinder request

Is there some way to pass multiple WOEIDs in the placefinder API to get there coordinates? I have a list of WOEIDs and I need to get the coordinates for them.
Jul 28

Details about pricing - links seems to be broken

Hello all, Attempting to find information regarding pricing. While on https://developer.yahoo.com/boss/geo/ https://developer.yahoo.com/boss/geo/ if I hover
Jul 23

yahoo api authentication error ,Cycle Prohibited,the server responde

same url multiple time hits in browser after getting authentication url:- Cycle Prohibited Description: Could not process your request for the document
Jul 12

Re: Valid AppID but requires registration.

In case someone else stumble upon this post and find no reply. It usually takes some time for the newly registered App to start functioning properly. This is
Jul 12

API Usage not working !!!

Dear Yahoo team, API Usage is not working anymore. CSV file does not provide statistics about the usage, so there is no way to check how many requests were
Jul 8

Batch GeoCoding for use in commercial application

I am working on a commercial web-app solution where multiple clients will provide their data to us with address data and require a mapping feature. We're
Colin Montgomery
Jul 6

Yahoo Search Boss in iOS App?

Can Yahoo Search Boss be used within an iOS App? Has anyone included Search Boss in an iOS App? And if so, has anyone included the Search Boss Ads/Sponsored
Jun 28

Issue with calling queries with quotation marks

Hi All-- I've been having an issue with calling keywords with quotation marks around them. For some reason, oauth2 is urlencoding the param string twice,
Jun 24

Re: 'OR' conditions in news search

Unfortunately we've see this bug recently too - it seems after testing that BOSS is actually treating OR like an AND for news.. you can try a simple query like
Jun 18

Is there a Yahoo boss search status page?

Is there a page where I can view the status of Yahoo Boss search API, whether it is down or not?
Jun 12

Yahoo Search Boss API - News

Hello, I would like to use the Yahoo Search Boss API to pull keyword specific news into my site. I would like to display the title of the news article and a
Jun 8

'OR' conditions in news search

We are using the BOSS search API to fetch news results for our customers. Our application allows users to construct a boolean query like: ("Obama" and ("White
Jun 5

Re: Using BOSS instead of crawling sites myself (not to present a se

ljmaskey, Did you get response to your question? IS yes, can you please share we are in similar situation - particularly how you are handling clickurl? Our
Jun 2

Possible to use BOSS search results without clickurl?

I would like to provide the search results using the displayurl to my customers. How can I do this?
Jun 2

Site search

Sure. Let's say a site has video content displayed on some page(s). Let say we want to know which of the array of video content platforms/hosting providers is
Mark Vantzelfde
May 27
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