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5858RE: Perl interaction with BOSS API is failing after new key/secret updated

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  • jeremy_lieberman
    Feb 28, 2014
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      Also I would like to add that our old key was initiated-- and in use up to the present time-- when we were linking up with Boss version 1, and that this original key has continued working and is still working today, but that the moment we switched in (replacing) the new key (we recently applied for and got (from yahoo Boss)) our search no longer works. We simply are very confused as to why the old key we have been using for well over a year, works fine, but the new key does not- especially as we have done a straight one for one replacement with secret. We are wondering if somehow there are new scripts we need to use within our server that play nice with Boss version 2 ? Or if this is simply another problem altogether? Does anyone have any ideas why an old Key works fine but a new key does not? thanks, jeremy
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