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  • quetealnader
    Dec 1, 2013

       nevermind resolved it

      ---In ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com, <quetealnader@...> wrote:


      Is there a example code  of a pagenation code w/ the boss results

      ---In ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com, <anshprat@...> wrote:

      For example:

      http://yboss.yahooapis.com/ysearch/web?q="Apple Pie"&format=xml&start=10&count=10

      will give you 10 results starting from 11th result (starts from 0).

      So your next pagination link will call

      http://yboss.yahooapis.com/ysearch/web?q="Apple Pie"&format=xml&start=20&count=10

      and so on...

      Let me know if you need help with actual code snippets instead.

      Anshu Prateek

      On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 3:32 PM, Abhiram <abhiram.sampath@...> wrote:

      Hi all

      I tried going through this group and documentation but no luck :(

      I need pagination for my code, i.e. I need only 10 results on the result page-1 and when I click on page-2 i need to get the next 10 results and when i click on page-3 i need to get the next 10 results and so on ...

      I'm using PHP, any valid pointers on how this can be achieved would be awesome.

      Thanks a lot in advance !


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