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5757Re: [ysearchboss] RE: BOSS API web search returns no results

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  • Rahul Hampole
    Nov 20, 2013
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      Hello Sascha,
      I tried running these queries multiple times and was unable to see this issue happen. Do you have some stats that you can share over how often you are seeing the issue, etc? 

      ~BOSS Team

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      Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 1:43 PM
      To: "ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com" <ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: [ysearchboss] RE: BOSS API web search returns no results


      Same here too. Normal search query like 'cats and dogs'  returns sometimes no results.


      ---In ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com, <dev_50kft@...> wrote:

      yep, I'm seeing the same thing, especially searching for non-celebrity names, like <first-name> <last-name>

       => {"bossresponse"=>{"re! sponsecode"=>"200", "web"=>{"start"=>"0", "count"=>"0", "totalresults"=>"0"}}} 

      just me? what searches are others using that receive no results?


      ---In ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com, <hiattp@...&g! t; wrote:

      Just FYI I'm still seeing this issue, albeit not as frequently as before.

      ---In ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com, <hiattp@...> wrote:

      We are trying to offer yahoo web results to our users and are piloting with ~100 queries per day. For approximately 10% of the queries (depending on the day), I get the following response:
      {"bossresponse"=>{"responsecode"=>"200", "web"=>{"start"=>"0", "count"=>"0", "totalresults"=>"0"}}}
      If I execute the exact same query upon receiving no results, I'll get results (90% of the time). What might explain this? It is concerning on two levels:
      1. My users get no results (or a delay while I retry the request)
      2. Given this is a paid API, I'm paying for failed requests
      Is this a known issue that I can avoid somehow? Sometimes our requests come quickly back-to-back, is there a rate limit that I missed?

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