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5755Must I specify Region-Language other than default to get ADs for countries other than US/CA?

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  • Evgheni
    Nov 20, 2013

      By default there is en-us region in my BOSS API call specified.


      However I see that for some countries-languages ADs are not shown in my search results at all (I got approved for all markets by DDC now). I use commercial queries that should obviously return ADs in those countries.


      Will it help if I explicitly set my API "market" parameter to a specific country-language? or the ad token does not have anything common with this parameter and is returning ads automatically, by determining country and language by itself without my "help"?


      If so, is there any way to determine the user’s market with the help of Yahoo Boss, or should my programmer determine it by IP somehow using his own knowledge about this?

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