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5754RE: BOSS API web search returns no results

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  • dev_50kft
    Nov 19 5:14 PM

      Searches like "cats and dogs" seems to work, but good call I should set up some tests along these lines to see if it's intermittent.

      The weird things is names. If I search someone's name (a non-celebrity) more often than not, I get no results. Any ideas why that would be?

      I'll keep the thread updated with what I figure out.


      ---In ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com, <jfister@...> wrote:

      I have some unit tests that issue the same searches and BOSS frequently returns sporadic results.  One minute a query returns results, the next minute that same query returns no results.  There's a reason why the BOSS API is about 10% the cost of Google's API.
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