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5735RE: RE: How can I test api YAHOO BOSS.

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  • apimetrics
    Nov 12, 2013

      You could sign up for our service http://client.apimetrics.io/register/ - it's free for individual tests and we support oAuth and token management so you can test the structure of authenticated calls. 

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      Depending on what you need to use, you could trial it perhaps.  I use only Placefinder for geocoding and reverse geocoding, and I have used it for 7 months but just went over geocode 336.  I don't believe I've ever paid anything.  I assume I owe them $6 when I exceed 1000 queries.  I don't know how they bill other services, but it should be cheap enough to trial it out.  It's probably more of a pain to setup OAUTH if you arn't already.

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      There is the possibility of gaining access to test the operation of the API?
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