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5719Error when trying to do spelling with "odd" characters

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  • toone_town
    Nov 6, 2013
      When I make the following request:


      I get a 500 Internal Server Error with the following message:
      "BOSSSpellProvider:cannot parse result"

      I believe it is due to the accented 'é' character...just searching for "the%20test" doesn't crash it - nor does searching for 'th%C3%A9'.  It also works just fine when doing web-only (no spelling).  It appears to happen in combination with the word "thé" with multiple words.  It's not limited to just the odd character though, because doing a query for "tést this" doesn't crash either (though querying for "thé this" will)

      Is there anything I can do to fix this?  I am able to parse the response, and if it is that error string, I can send the request again, minus the spelling portion - however, am I charged for the request that came back with the 500 error?
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