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5694RE: Placefinder zero results on all requests?

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  • stephen718@ymail.com
    Nov 1, 2013

      That's certainly what I would expect the response to look like, but the response I'm getting is the empty one I provided (I'm logging all responses from placefinder requests currently).  I am seeing some go through properly now though.

      Out of the last 30 requests six of them came back with results similar to what you posted, the rest came back with the count="0" type result that I posted.

      If I wasn't getting back fully formed legit XML messages I'd say it was code or network, but that I can send the exact same request twice and get back a blank response at one time and a full response at another indicates something with placefinder.

      ---In ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com, <rhampole@...> wrote:

      I ran the same request myself and here is the response. Am I missing something? 

      BOSS Team

      1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      2. <bossresponse responsecode="200">
      3. <placefinder start="0" count="1" request="gflags=R&amp;location=51.03363%20-114.04383">
      4. <results>
      5. <result>
      6. <quality>87</quality>
      7. <latitude>51.03363</latitude>
      8. <longitude>-114.04383</longitude>
      9. <offsetlat>51.03363</offsetlat>
      10. <offsetlon>-114.04383</offsetlon>
      11. <radius>400</radius>
      12. <name>51.03363 -114.04383</name>
      13. <line1>805 22 Ave SE</line1>
      14. <line2>Calgary, AB T2G 1N4</line2>
      15. <line3/>
      16. <line4>Canada</line4>
      17. <house>805</house>
      18. <street>22 Ave SE</street>
      19. <xstreet/>
      20. <unittype/>
      21. <unit/>
      22. <postal>T2G 1N4</postal>
      23. <neighborhood>Ramsay</neighborhood>
      24. <city>Calgary</city>
      25. <county>Alberta</county>
      26. <state>Alberta</state>
      27. <country>Canada</country>
      28. <countrycode>CA</countrycode>
      29. <statecode>AB</statecode>
      30. <countycode>AB</countycode>
      31. <uzip>T2G 1N4</uzip>
      32. <hash>8B91026F0F01877B</hash>
      33. <woeid>24327314</woeid>
      34. <woetype>11</woetype>
      35. </result>
      36. </results>
      37. </placefinder>
      38. </bossresponse>

      From: "stephen718@..." <stephen718@...>
      Reply-To: "ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com" <ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Friday, November 1, 2013 7:12 AM
      To: "ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com" <ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: [ysearchboss] Placefinder zero results on all requests?

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