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5665RE: Syntax for Boolean searches

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  • sanding_blast
    Oct 20, 2013


      ---In ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com, <bwaltherb@...> wrote:

      sorry to bump: but did anyone experience the same or alternatively has success using boolean searches? 

      ---In ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com, <bwaltherb@...> wrote:

      Hi there

      Can someone point me out how to correctly do boolean searches as
      does not seem to help.

      I get completely seemingly random results as follows (note the spaces):

      (TermA)AND(TermB) -> 28 results
      (TermA) AND (TermB)-> 0 results
      (TermA) AND (TermB) AND (TermC) -> 2 results
      (TermA)AND (TermB) -> 7 results
      (TermA)AND((TermB)) -> 1 result
      (TermA) AND ((TermB)) -> 3 results
      (TermA) AND (TermB OR TermC) -> 0 results
      (TermA)AND((TermB)OR(TermC)) -> 0 results
      (TermA)AND((TermB)AND(TermC)) -> 0 results
      (TermA)AND((TermB)AND(TermC)) -> 0 results

      additional parameters we use: abstract=long&format=json&market=en-us

      I do urlencode this query string. Same issues when not urlencoding.

      Thanks Ben
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