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5395PlaceSpotter 400 Bad Request

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  • shakesmcjunkie
    Jun 27, 2013
      I am unable to make a valid request to PlaceSpotter. I am using a POST to the url:


      with the two parameters documentType and documentContent as the body of the request. This request is sent along with my OAuth headers. I was having tremendous difficulty getting OAuth set up but it appears now to be set up correctly as I am now communicating and at least getting some kind of message back from the server.

      However, it doesn't seem that I am at all able to get anything but a 400 Bad Request. This error is very nondescript and is completely unhelpful as to why I may be getting it.

      I am also confused by the documentation at:


      What parameters are required? The first couple paragraphs also seem to be contradictory as it says: "Requests to PlaceSpotter are sent as HTTP POST messages...", but then later mentions: "The PlaceSpotter Web service supports only the HTTP PUT method. Other HTTP methods are not supported.", does that mean I should use a POST or a PUT? I've tried both and neither seem to work.

      Are there other parameters I need to provide? Could my OAuth parameters be incorrect?