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5385Re: response code is 200 but no ads are returned

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  • bitsforpeace
    Jun 18, 2013
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      Hi Rahul

      --- In ysearchboss@yahoogroups.com, Rahul Hampole <rhampole@...> wrote:

      > Have you tried using the test=true in your JS call? See http://developer.yahoo.com/boss/search/boss_api_guide/ads_service_args.html

      Yes we have that set.

      > This will allow you to test the full functionality of your code without actually getting Ads. If this is not working correctly, then you can review your code further.
      > Please note that depending on where you are, Actual Ads may be not be returned due to IP's, Market (e.g. No ads in Israel), etc.

      This seems to be the problem. We are approved for US and Canada. But development is done here in Taiwan. When we try through a *cough* US proxy we get ads.

      I just assumed the user would get US and Canada ads :)

      We'll fix the JS code (FYI: the sample on your site will break if no ads are returned) and see about getting approved globally.

      Thanks for the help!

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